Travel D. – Days in Budapest

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page – Saint Augustine

Alhamdullilah, this is the first time visiting the East side of Europe or maybe the first time writing about my vacation to East Europe.

Budapest is Hungary’s capital city, a beautiful place it is. Mostly when our family goes on vacation we have this preparation. Firstly it all starts with an idea where to go. As we know Europe is easy to travel trough, mostly only have to grab a country from de ‘where to go list’.

This time, the chosen city will be Budapest. We planned to stay 5 days in and around this city. The memories captured you can read below.

Day 1.
I did not take pictures of the army that were controlling the passengers next to me. No, this Asian girl knows when to take a picture and when it is irrelevant. Maybe you think: wait for what?? army? I don’t know that the security is like that in Europe. Well my dear, nowadays it is like that, especially in places like airports where they tend to have a high risk of terrorist attacks.  – Nevertheless, in the evening of day 1, we arrived safely at Budapest international airport.

Day 2.
City lights from last night are gone and at daybreak, IMG_9982
we tried to find our way in this unknown city. Our fist stop was visiting Old town where we can find the Fisherman’s Bastion. After hours of strolling in this beautiful part of the town, I found a tourist attraction where we can practice on archery.
The end of day two was not to forget also a new chapter in my life due to the fact I became 22 yeas old.

20160502_161213_HDRDay 3. and Day 4.
We spend also time outside Budapest to explore more from its country. This were unique days as we went to a cave. In this cave, I saw clear water and we went on a boat to explore the rest of the cave.

Details are:
Name of the cave: Lake Cave

Adress: Kisfaludy Sándor utca 3., Tapolca 8300,Hongaria


Day 5.
At the last day in Hungaria, we spend our time again in Budapest. We visited a truly fancy cafe named New York Cafe. It is actually located in a hotel but what makes it so attractive it that the decoration represents the inside of the parliament.

That was all fellows, a short one about my vacation in Hungary