Life Changing

About any weakness that you might have whatever you call it, like OCD ( obsessive-compulsive disorder ) or psychosis till having an allergy.

“I feel sometimes so disappointed of myself.”
Why is the question?
Well in my point of view people want to be part of the crowd, which is normal, it is part of human nature. But if you want something that bad like what others have and the situation doesn’t support you then it would be wrong.  This could be MY answer in WHY I feel disappointed.

Ok. to give you a brighter explanation, don’t be greedy and be grateful. Know that you have the piece that you should have. Knowing that what you have is the best you ever could have. Even it is an illness.

Even it is an illness don’t be sad. You want to get better because you feel you want to get back on track like doing what others do. Have patience don’t be greedy it will be over soon. Think positive and have gratitude eve11889478_1489524841370827_1776496130526681765_nn when you are ill so you don’
t stress. It is not wrong that in this case you want to get better soon, even I want to get better soon when I’m ill. The thing is to have  trust. Trust in Allah. In your fate that this particular thing will happen. You can change things in the future with your dua (supplications)but what has happened we only can say: QaddarAllahoe wa maa shaa’ fa’al ( Allah has determined what he wanted and He did what He wanted). 

Life is indeed easy. Just have gratitude don’t be obsessed what OTHERS have and look what you and only YOU have. -alhamdullilah