Three of the 99 -part 2

Guilt is when you,
You feel you have wronged a person
or even your own soul20160602_180337

when you see it all dark
when it seems there is no way out

Anyhow guilt is,
an emotion that  can too
Benefit you

In guilt,
you can find yourself,
Be brave and see
this emotion as a gift

take time
to realise what you have done
Call upon him when you need help

He who created you
He who is your guardian through
He who pardons you


The Creator, The Planner

Al-Khaliq. The One who determines and creates according to the proper measure and proportion of each thing. The One who plans and determines how, when and where to create.

The One whose works are perfectly suited, appropriate, fitting and proper. The One who creates something from nothing. The One who creates both the inner and the outer in just proportions.

The One who brings things into existence from a state of non-existence. The One who has the power to change things back and forth between the states of existing and non-existing.

The Protector, The Bestower of Security, The Guardian,
The Safeguarder

Al-Muhaymin. The One who ensures well-being. The One who extends wings of Love to cover and protect creation.

The One who is ever watchful. The One who protects and guards.

The One who offers peace and security. The One who proclaims the Truth.

The Pardoner, The Most Forgiving,
The Effacing, The Eliminator of Sins

Al-Afuw. The One who blots out and leaves no trace of any sin or fault.

The One who passes over and absolves any fault.

The One who can remove and obliterate all traces of wrong actions.

The One who can make any sin, error or fault disappear.







Three of the 99 -part 1

20141115_230301 (2)When you can’t see
in difficult to see
On hearing things that
you don’t want to
Imagine a lot that you
want all of it,
Let’s call the names of Allah
the Great Names of Allah
All Basheer,
Al Sami,
Al Ghanî,
Three of the names
Three that describe his greatness
Call upon it when you want to call
He will always be there
It is the question
Are you always there to
To obey

The All Seeing, The All Perceiving,
The All Comprehending

Al Basheer. The One whose insight sees all things clearly, both the apparent and the hidden.

The One who sees and understands all that has been, and all that will be.

The One who has insight into all things.

The One who perceives every detail. The One who understands all things, both outer and inner.

The All Hearing, The Ever Listening

Al Sami. The one whose hearing and attention comperhends evreything. the one who pays attention to evrry supplication and invocation.

The one who listens to evry voice. The one who hears and accept evry word, thought and secret.

The One who listens to everything, perfectly, eternally, without limitations.

The Self Suffiens, The Wealthy,
The Independent One

Al Ghani. The one who is self-sufficient. The One without need of anything. The One who transcends all needs.

The One who is completely satisfied. The One who is free from any wants. The One who is free from any dependence.

The One who flourishes without help or aid of any sort, yet who is needed by all. The One upon whose wealth and riches all others depend.