About Me

With my words, I want to take you on a journey from the mystic but beautiful Asia to West Europe where I live now. Travel with me to explore what’s life is about as an Asian Muslim Student who is currently living in The Netherlands. -But First..

Let me introduce you,
My name is Ardiana. Born in Bandung Indonesia and fate brings me to this beautiful country full of windmills and delicious cheese and chocolates, The Netherlands.

As a young adult, I now can say that:
– I started my primary school near Bandung but continued it at a local school in The Netherlands because we had the chance to move here.

–  Unfortunately, I did finish my high school in the Indonesian Embassy School. It was a choice, made due circumstances ( which I’ll write you later on ) but I really did not regret it.

– I really am lucky too and am grateful,  that I really have visited most of the famous and beautiful countries in Europe and Asia. You can find my travels at “Travel D”.

– As a Muslim Asian Student living in a country that most, have an ill view of Islam, all I can do is: Bring love to life as we are all human. I can write a full post about this so I will not bother you now ; )

At last, I think this is it for now, happy readings!! < 3



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