Travel D. – Adventure in Ardennes

Hi Guys,
We last week or so, went to The Ardennes, which is a hilly area in the south  of Belgium. As you know living in The Netherlands we barely don’t have  such beautiful view of hills or even a mountain. As The Netherlands is a  country that lies under the sea level. How Scary IS that?!

The road to it, went fas1431215008677t as we (my sister and me) slept like a lot in the car. We did not exactly do something that day because we went straight to the camping place.

Our second day was very awesome!!
We began early in the morning, as my mum drove us tho the place I saw lots of green. Like when you’re on the hill you only see the top of the trees green. Arrived at the place which is near a theme park and a small waterfall, we were just in time to not miss our reservation.
You actually can do lots of things there in Coo Adventure. Like special for them girls horse riding and much more. Don’t get me wrong for you boys are also things to do like canoeing, mountain-biking, to ride a Jeep
You just need to make a reservation before going there, it makes them and your trip a lot easier. And so when you ever visit Belgium don’t forget to visit this place it was AWESOME! AND WILL BE FOR YOU TOO insya Allah.


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