.., say Alhamdullilah : )

What you see is what you have now. Maybe you don’t own that but that is the part that has given to you so you can see them and have them, in your memory. Keep them far far away in your memory. Strive for today that is all you have. Do not go that far in the future, the unknown future.

Live life in stages, like a nest build from one tree branch upon the other. So if you want something you need to build on it no matter what it may be, it also cost time, a thing to remember.

Don’t expect too much and don’t suspect. Less is more, is what they say.

At the end, I only can make this out of knowledge that is given to me.

Think of it the actually gifts from Allah. May we all can say alhamdullilah for the things when all goes bad, when he takes away what you love, want and desires.


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