Travel D. – Adventure in Ardennes

Hi Guys,
We last week or so, went to The Ardennes, which is a hilly area in the south  of Belgium. As you know living in The Netherlands we barely don’t have  such beautiful view of hills or even a mountain. As The Netherlands is a  country that lies under the sea level. How Scary IS that?!

The road to it, went fas1431215008677t as we (my sister and me) slept like a lot in the car. We did not exactly do something that day because we went straight to the camping place.

Our second day was very awesome!!
We began early in the morning, as my mum drove us tho the place I saw lots of green. Like when you’re on the hill you only see the top of the trees green. Arrived at the place which is near a theme park and a small waterfall, we were just in time to not miss our reservation.
You actually can do lots of things there in Coo Adventure. Like special for them girls horse riding and much more. Don’t get me wrong for you boys are also things to do like canoeing, mountain-biking, to ride a Jeep
You just need to make a reservation before going there, it makes them and your trip a lot easier. And so when you ever visit Belgium don’t forget to visit this place it was AWESOME! AND WILL BE FOR YOU TOO insya Allah.


to Study in Holland

It may cost a view extra years, but finally I can say now IMG_8049
that Alhamdullilah i am GRADUATED!
Me AND my friends, all Alhamdullilah. : D

So what is the next step? For me as an Indonesian ex-pupil from SIN,  I can say the world is open. This is the cause of the several’s diplomas I got. Anyways this post is about to inform you guys about the many levels of higher education here in Holland.

So. for you guys out there when you have a scholarship or you just plan
to go to study in Holland, it is sometimes nice to know that after your high school there, here in The Netherlands are three kinds of high educations. The first we all know are the universities(WO), the second is the applied universities (HBO), and third is the secondary vocational education (MBO).

It happened a lot that people do not know what the difference are between there three, and in particular the first two, WO and HBO.

The third one, which is the secondary vocational education or here called the MBO is a school far away from university level. I’m not going further in it. It is just like that. More important is just the difference between HBO and WO, or the applied university and The University.

When we want to earn the highest salary and the best jobs the say “Go to University!! It will make life better to live”
I have just doubts about that saying but yeah.
So To go to University is a big step, obviously. But there we are, the university is just more theoretical, abstract, less guidance, high education rate and research focused.
Different than the applied university. Maybe the name says it too but this so called university is more practical oriented, concrete, more guidance, relatively low education rate and education-oriented.

Just to help you guys.

Greetings from Holland!

.., say Alhamdullilah : )

What you see is what you have now. Maybe you don’t own that but that is the part that has given to you so you can see them and have them, in your memory. Keep them far far away in your memory. Strive for today that is all you have. Do not go that far in the future, the unknown future.

Live life in stages, like a nest build from one tree branch upon the other. So if you want something you need to build on it no matter what it may be, it also cost time, a thing to remember.

Don’t expect too much and don’t suspect. Less is more, is what they say.

At the end, I only can make this out of knowledge that is given to me.

Think of it the actually gifts from Allah. May we all can say alhamdullilah for the things when all goes bad, when he takes away what you love, want and desires.