It is sometimes impossible to learn when you have this thing in your mind or you even don’t know what the thing is but you have this thing that bothers you. I would like then to say Stop Worrying!
This won’t help that much, that I know. How then you supposed to have rid of those thoughts maybe you ask.

Well, what really helps is besides to make dua or supplication at that time, is to have time for or to make a special time for mindfulness.

First thing first, is this. When you make one of the mindfulness exercise, do also dhkir! this will insya Allah help you to remember Allah SWT, that what is given to you is in his plan. Relay on him and have trust, because after hardships comes ease.

Second is: Write! Write out your entire life or even your biggest secret, your sins. Your head is full of memory and memory is just memories. Those things have already passed and won’t come back. You can not change what has already past, the only thing that you can do is to  change the present, for your insya Allah beautiful future.

Move!: third you can do is to do some sport or workout at home in your room. Go put your sport clothes on! See what you do after that. You have no bigger spirit after putting some nice outfit on. If you can’t concentrate or focus while exercising or don’t know what to think about or have no motivation for doing it try to lay on your yoga mat or a towel and focus on your part of body that you want to change with doing an exercise that fits with the body part you are focussing on.

Do not dream away.
Don’t forget to start everything with bismillah.
Go do something! YaaY!


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