Faty Fat; Get Rid of Fat

After school ends, my home become my space. For me, it is very normal to end the school day with a snack or something. But it, of course, depends on what you are going to eat as well. Anyways, Lately noticed that after I am done eating, I became very tired and so I did a nap for about an hour. This goes for a few days and I started to realised that this may be, can be ,a bad habit. First, I can go become fat and  second is that I haven’t much time anymore for homework.

It is hard to make a commitment. Going on a diet is also making a commitment. I know that I’m not good at commitment or maybe not yet, but to make life simple I have plans to make detox water. Detox water makes you help to get rid of your fat and your toxins. And hey what is fancier than Detox water. So here a few basic and easy recipes.

Detox water

Cucumber + Citroen

Lemon + chia seed

Apple + Cinamon

Orange + Vanilla sugar

Grape + lemon + orange

Hot water 500ml + ginger 1 tsp + lemon 1/4 cup

Ginger + Orange


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